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Shades, Blinds and Curtains: Which is best for your conservatory?


During the day, you want to enjoy all the natural light that a conservatory provides. But there will also be times when you want some shade from the full glare of the sun, and when night falls so does the temperature. To get full use of your conservatory whatever the conditions outside, it is worth giving some thought to what kind of drapery you will want to furnish the windows with. Your main options are:

  • Shades
  • Blinds
  • Curtains
  • Screens

Before making your choice, you should consider what you intend to use your conservatory for and your aesthetic preferences.

shades blinds curtains conservatory

Shades are one sheet of material that can be pulled across the glass. They can be open, closed or left at half-mast, to provide different amounts of shade.

Blinds are composed of slats or vanes that can be angled and drawn up to control the amount of light coming in. With many different styles available, blinds are a stylish and modern solution.

Curtains can give your conservatory a softer look. Thick curtains will also provide insulation, keeping you warm during the winter months. 

If you like the vintage look, then you might want to consider a freestanding screen. These can be stored upright against an interior wall and then positioned to provide shade or be used as a room divider.

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