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Best Positioning For Your Conservatory


The position of your conservatory can have a large impact on how much heat they receive and at what point during the day. If you are planning on having a conservatory installed you may want to take this into consideration and think about how best to utilise your room. We are here to help, offering our advice on the benefits and drawbacks of a conservatory based on its position, as well as a couple of suggestions of what to use it for.

North Facing

If you would like to make use of a north-facing conservatory during winter you will need to consider heating options and insulation. We recommend a north-facing conservatory for a breakfast room or child's playroom.

  • Great on summer mornings: This is when north-facing conservatories will get most of their light, making them a great place to start your day.
  • Won't overheat: North-facing conservatories don't receive much direct sunlight in the afternoon, making them less prone to overheating during the summer and a lovely place to spend with the family.
  • Save on costs: As they are naturally cooler and receive less solar glare, you have less requirement for roof blinds.

South Facing

South-facing conservatories get very hot during the summer so it is necessary to have adequate ventilation. Opening all the doors can help keep air flowing through but it is also worth considering roof blinds to block out solar glare. We recommend a south-facing conservatory for a family evening room.

  • Keep warm in winter: South-facing conservatories receive most of their sunlight during the afternoon and early evening, this offers a warm and cosy place to retreat to during the winter months.
  • Relaxing evening: Being able to watch the sun as it sets on an evening is a lovely and relaxing experience. In a southern-facing conservatory you can do this almost every day.

West and East Facing

You'll find that east facing-conservatories will receive a lot of sunlight in the morning but will will become cooler as the day goes on. Whilst east-facing conservatories will be cooler during the morning they will heat-up nicely as during the afternoons and into the early evening.

If you have any questions about the best way to use your conservatory, or to answer any other queries you may have, do not hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01953 600505, or pop in to see us at either of our showrooms in Wymondham and Diss.

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