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Child Proofing Your Conservatory


If you're a parent you will understand the importance of making your home as safe as possible for your children, especially when they start to walk around and explore. Making sure your conservatory is child proof shouldn't be a stressful task, so we have come up with some useful tips to make your conservatory a worry-free play area for your children.

Child Proofing Tips

  • Blind cord and chains: Having blind cords or chains in your home can be a major concern, especially if you have children. As blinds are very popular in conservatories, it's vital that children are free to go near them without the need for concern. A simple solution to this would be to fix a chain-break connector, tidy or cleat, keeping the cord or chain away from your children making it much safer.
  • Double Glazing: It's always a good idea to have double glazed windows with safety glass as it not only keeps your family safe, but increases its overall security.
  • Plug sockets: Most plug sockets are located at a low level, making it easier for your little ones to approach them, so it's very important to take the necessary precautions. A simple plug cover will protect those little fingers but make sure the covers don't pose as a choking hazard.
  • Hardwood flooring: Many conservatories have either hardwood, tiled or linoleum flooring, making it easy for even the adults to slip over sometimes. To reduce the risk of any falls or slips, ensure your child has plenty of grip on their footwear or install a rug or carpet, making the floor beneath their feet easier to walk on. Make sure any sharp corners are covered and that anything which can be pulled down in the event of a fall is out of reach.
  • Windows and doors: We all love a bit of fresh air but we understand that having windows and doors open in your conservatory can cause concern. Ensure your conservatory has all the latest safety and security devices, with multi-point locking systems, key-locking handles, hook-bolts and window hinge-side security being the most important.

By following these simple tips, your conservatory will be safe for your children, leaving them to explore without the worry and stress.

Child with blinds