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Conservatory Security: What You Can Do to Secure Your Conservatory


Conservatories are very popular in the UK, with the additional space they provide, you have a great piece of living space, as well as adding value to your home. Unfortunately burglars see them as a perfect opportunity of gaining easy access to your property. You can prevent your conservatory from being a target by following our simple advice on ensuring it's secure and safe from unwanted visitors.

Steps towards a safer conservatory

  • Toughened glass: If your conservatory has a glass roof, make sure the glass has been toughened. As well as making it ultra secure, toughened glass represents an important security measure and you can be confident the roof can endure elements in addition to any possible burglars.
  • Window beading: It is really important that every window has internal beading. External beading offers minimal security and just invites potential intruders to remove the beading and then the glass itself. If you are looking for extra protection, you can get laminated safety glass installed on the inner pane of the sealed units
  • Window locking devices: As well as choosing the right glass and beading, you should also consider the windows are fitted with a shoot locking device. An unwanted visitor will find this very hard to break and will deter them from trying to get into your property. You can also choose purposely designed force-resistant hinges for the windows and doors of your conservatory
  • Door security: Securing your conservatory door is just as important as your windows so you need a high quality locking system. Bi-folding doors are one of the perfect choices for this very reason and are becoming increasingly popular with conservatories
  • House alarm: There is no reason to not add an additional house alarm to your conservatory. A conservatory should be treated like the rest of your home with an equal amount of security.

If you follow these simple safety tips then there's no reason why you can't benefit from your new living space in the knowledge it will not be compromising the security of your home. If you're looking for a conservatory and need some advice, call us on 01603 600505.

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