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Design a conservatory that meets all your family’s needs


Traditionally conservatories were rooms attached to your home that were used as a dedicated space to grow plants, with space for socialising often a side thought. Nowadays, as families look to create ever more affordable living space, the distinction between conservatories, garden rooms and sunrooms has become blurred. As we spend more and more time in these rooms throughout the year, it is important you consider a few important practical factors, before you design a conservatory for your home.

In an article published by Ann–Marie Powell on The Telegraph website earlier this year, she highlights 10 important issues that homeowners should consider before building work commences. We have picked out 5 below that we think are particularly important:

  1. Use: How are you planning to use your space? Is it to entertain? Relax? Grow plants? The way you intend to use your room will greatly influence the design and positioning of your conservatory, so consider this when deciding upon your design.
  2. Design: It might seem like quite an obvious thing to say, but your conservatory is going to take up existing garden space. It is therefore important to consider final proportions, design and layout of the internal space during the design phase to ensure the best light and views are achieved.
  3. Glazing: Choosing the right glazing can help to control the temperatures in your conservatory, especially for south facing structures during the summer months. In this instance we would recommend speaking to your installer about using solar-controlled glass.
  4. Heating: While you may enjoy the warmth of your conservatory during the summer months, it is important to plan how you intend to heat the room during the winter. There are a number of methods depending on your needs; these include fans, convection heaters and underfloor heating.
  5. Planting: If you plan on using your conservatory for growing plants it is important to consider the types of planting you intend to use during the planning phase and factoring their requirements into the design of your room.

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