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Improve Your Conservatory With Some Blinds


Once you have had your conservatory installed there is a huge amount of potential for what you can achieve with it. You need to decide what you are going to use it for, how to make the most of it year-round as well as how to style and decorate it. There is the furniture to consider and the colour theme but perhaps one area that often gets overlooked is the choice of blinds and window dressings.

How to choose the right style

After taking the time to decide on the perfect conservatory to suit your needs the last thing you want to do is fit it out with the wrong fixtures and fittings. Take the time to choose the right furniture to match the interior of your home and after this is done be sure to consider the blinds too.

  • Whites and creams: A common choice many home owners make is to go for a bright and clean look. While it is a bit stereotypical, it is in-fact very practical considering how much sun conservatories receive during summer no one wants rich colours to fade after all. Choosing plain, neutral blinds to accompany your furniture is therefore ideal.
  • Floral patterns: Another common option that people choose is floral patterns and flowery designs, often picked to compliment the garden. If you want blinds to match then ideally you should be looking for either Roman blinds or roller blinds as they offer patterns and designs that are not commonly found on other types.
  • Classical styling: If you have opted for a more traditional conservatory or an orangery then you should consider more traditional styling options too. Nothing looks more out of place than a classical building with modern fixtures and fittings.

Think practical as well as stylish

There is more to blinds than just improving the look of your windows. To get the most out your blinds and improve your conservatory you also need to consider their practical applications. This is especially important in conservatories where glass panels are used everywhere, even the roof.

  • Light control: Perhaps the most important feature of a blind above all else is their ability to block out or filter light. There are plenty of blinds around that can help you to control the amount of light that you allow into your conservatory, something you may find of great use during those sunny summer days.
  • Privacy and security: Blinds are often used to help stop prying eyes looking into your home. While many conservatories are installed at the rear of our homes it is still worth considering installing blinds to increase privacy.
  • Greater comfort: Almost any blind will help to trap in heat but pleated blinds in-particular are especially effective. There are also specialised fabrics available on roller or Roman blinds that are designed to be as well insulated as possible, allowing you to be more comfortable during winter.

With the right blinds you can make your conservatory feel like more than just an extension, it will feel like a true part of your home that is enjoyable to be in all year-round.

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