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Keeping Your Conservatory Cool This Summer


The warmer months are soon approaching and you will no doubt want to relax in your conservatory and soak up a bit of the sun in the garden. A lot of modern conservatories now have heat reflecting glass installed, reducing the amount of heat lost from your conservatory during the winter and preventing it from getting too warm in the summer.

If your conservatory doesn't have these type of windows installed, don't worry as there are many alternatives to keeping your conservatory cool this summer.

Simple ideas to keep your conservatory cool

  • Blinds: These are great for keeping heat out of your conservatory and maintain a comfortable temperature as well as providing you with more privacy. Blinds are available in a variety of patterns and designs, with a choice of manual or electrically operated mechanisms. You can shut out the sun during the peak of the heat and still use your conservatory.
  • Ventilation: Everyone likes a bit of fresh air, so having a good air flow through a room when 's hot is a great way to keeping your conservatory cool. Opening a window or door when you're home allows fresh air to enter your home, ensuring your conservatory maintains a desired temperature.
  • Ceiling fan: A ceiling fan is a good alternative to reducing the heat you experience in your conservatory, making you feel more comfortable. They are also cost effective and can be environmentally friendly.
  • Air Conditioning: If you use your conservatory a lot and rely heavily on its space, then investing in air conditioning could be the answer. This will help you maintain a nice temperature for your conservatory, letting you use the space all day long.

We hope this advice will help you enjoy your conservatory when the summer months arrive. If you would like further information about our conservatories, please feel free to contact us on 01953 600505.

Conservatory with doors open for ventilation