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My Conservatory Is Getting A Bit Chilly…


The weather has started to take a turn for the worst and soon it is very likely that the temperatures will follow. Due to the way that they are made, conservatories can be known to suffer during this time, becoming very cold and uninviting. This can lead to many choosing not to use their conservatory at all during winter, which is a huge waste. To help get around this problem we have come up with some effective ways to heat your conservatory over the winter and enjoy them all year-round.


The most standard way to heat a conservatory is by utilising the same method as nearly every other room in your home – the central heating system. When your conservatory is being made you can choose to have radiators installed and linked to your existing water supply. Alternatively, if you are unsure about having work performed on your central heating then you can choose to buy a free standing electric radiator.

Fan heaters

Fan heaters are a quick and effective solution to curbing the cold. A simple blast of warm air from a heater will give you immediate warmth but, unfortunately, this will dissipate and may not last for a long time. If you only plan on being in your conservatory for short periods of time, however, they are ideal.

Energy saving blinds

Glass windows are terrible at absorbing heat. You can see this for yourself if you touch a window in a mild room – it will more than likely feel cold, so much so that even being near them can make you feel cold. To help stop the cold from the windows creeping into your room consider fitting blinds over your windows, particularly energy saving ones specifically designed to deflect cold that is being radiated by the glass and trap heat inside.

Underfloor heating

Depending on the floor used in your conservatory, underfloor heating may be a suitable solution for heating your conservatory. Though traditionally used on stone or tiled floors, underfloor heating can also be used nowadays on carpeted floors as long as the carpet is not too thick. There are two types of heating you can consider, electrical or water, that are both linked to your central heating system and will turn on or off with the rest of your heating. As a word of caution, water systems are much more complex to install, so think carefully about what type of heating you want to install.

If you are considering having a conservatory installed in your home and are concerned about how you will use it during winter then we are here to help. We will sit down with you to discuss all the different aspects of your conservatory and ease any worries that you may have.