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The Differences Between Orangeries and Conservatories


Have you ever wondered what the difference was between an orangery and a conservatory? You may think they are the same, but there are a few things very different between the two. At Conservatories Etc we supply and install conservatories and orangeries, giving you the choice of two very beneficial investments for your home. Before you decide on what is best for your property, you will want to know the key differences between the two. In this week's blog we are going to reveal what those differences are.

The Orangery

The orangery is the original conservatory, invented in the 17th century in Italy. They were built for exotic fruits and plants and became associated with the wealthy. The single wall is the defining feature that sets apart the orangery from the conservatory. An orangery is closer to a typical house extension as it features more brickwork than a conservatory does. The brickwork that is used for an orangery can easily blend in with the rest of the property, creating a stylish and elegant addition to the home. One of the main differences between the two is that an orangery has less than 75% of its roof glazed.

The Conservatory

The conservatory evolved from the orangery and was originally used for the protection of shrubs and herb plants rather than exotic fruit like an orangery was intended for. The roof of a conservatory is over 75% glazed and as a general rule has over 50% of its wall area glazed too. Another slight difference between the two structures is that the conservatory was intended to be built as an attachment to the home, whilst an orangery was originally made as a separate building in the grounds of a garden.

Modern differences

In today's society a conservatory generally acts as a complete extension of the house, with similar matching décor to the rest of the house. Conservatories are built from minimal brickwork and function as a room to view the garden from as opposed to an orangery which has more brickwork and are generally larger and are more private.

We hope this has helped you understand the differences between the orangery and the conservatory, a few differences but both make positive impacts on people's homes. If you are interested in having a conservatory or orangery installed please feel free to visit one of our showrooms in Diss or Wymondham, alternatively call us on 01953 600505. If you are looking to find out how much an orangery will cost, visit our orangery pricing structure.

An Orangery