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The Positives of Having an Orangery


If owning an orangery has been your ultimate dream, then why not make it a reality? Orangeries have been around since the 17th century and for many years have been seen as a luxury which only the rich and famous could afford. At Conservatories Etc, we want to dispel this myth and make you aware of the excellent benefits of building an orangery onto your humble abode.

We recently wrote a blog about our orangery pricing scheme which is just one of the many positives we have for you. Using our pricing scheme makes it easier for you to calculate how much your orangery will cost and how big you want it to be.

Some of the main positives an orangery can bring to your home are:

  • Cost- Having an orangery installed on your property is in fact cheaper than an extension and can carry out the same duties too.
  • Light- Unlike other types of extensions, an orangery won't block the light coming through to the room behind (such as your kitchen) because it comes with a glass roof, giving you plenty of natural light.
  • Investment- Building an orangery onto your home will give your property more value if you were to sell it and usually by at least the amount you spent on your orangery in the first place.
  • Versatility- Your orangery is a blank canvas and can be used in many ways such as a living room, dining room or even a place for your children to play. The possibilities are truly endless when an orangery can adapt to your needs, style and ideas.

Investing in an orangery can bring a positive impact onto your property and with our no pressure quotes; you can enquire with no hassle. If you’re interested in an orangery please feel free to contact us on 01953 600505.

The inside of an orangery