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Things to consider when planning your conservatory


When it comes to planning your conservatory it is important to consider what you plan to use the space for. The position of a conservatory on your property will influence when and how much sunlight you are likely to receive:

- East facing conservatories make excellent breakfast rooms as they will get the sun in the morning, but less heat during the day and into the evening.
- West facing conservatories will get the sun from late in the afternoon onwards and offer good conditions for plants.
- North facing conservatories will get angled sun early in the morning and late in the evening. They are unlikely to overheat in the summer, but will be quite cold in the winter. Careful consideration should be given to how you are going to heat a north facing conservatory.
- South facing conservatories will catch a lot of sun. This is can cause it to become unbearably warm at the hottest time of the day in summer, so give careful consideration to ventilation and blinds.

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Planning your new conservatory