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What are the origins of the orangery?


Originating from the Renaissance gardens of Italy, orangeries are a cross between a greenhouse and a conservatory and became very popular in the grounds of fashionable residences between the 17th and 19th centuries where they became a status symbol for the wealthy.

Many orangeries were originally used as a place where citrus trees were wintered in tubs to protect them from the harsh winters of Northern Europe. As these fruits became more readily available through imports from abroad, many orangeries began to be used to tender ornamental plants.

Having been inspired by the Orangerie at the Palace of the Louvre, work started in 1684 on Europe’s largest orangery. Built for Louis XIV at Versailles, it housed some 3,000 orange trees and measured 508 feet by 42 feet. It went on to hold that record nearly 200 years until being eclipsed by the work of people such as Joseph Paxton, famous for his designs of Crystal Palace and the giant conservatory at Chatsworth House.

Some 325 years after the construction of the orangery at Versailles and they are no longer developments reserved for the wealthy. From sophisticated multi-panelled orangeries through to simple sunrooms, at Conservatories Etc we can help you to create fantastic glass extensions to your home that will maximise the sunlight entering your property.

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