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Which Style Of Conservatory Is Right For You?


Victorian conservatories are the most traditional conservatories available. When you mention the word conservatory to people, this will most likely be the type that they initially think of. Victorian conservatories suit all styles of house, both period and modern, making them a sensible choice for anyone that is considering having a conservatory installed in their home. They can be used for almost any purpose; the only thing to take into consideration is the colour and styling to ensure it blends into your property.


The exterior styling of your conservatory is just as important as the interior styling. Despite what people may think, there are many different types of conservatory you can choose from, each with its own unique look and purpose this can make choosing between them a difficult task. To help make the decision easier for you, we have put together a quick guide explaining what the differences are between some of the types of conservatory that we offer.

Victorian conservatories feature the following design characteristics:

  • Bay front
  • Steeply pitched roof
  • Ornate ridge details
  • Three-facet or five-facet main window styles.


Gable, or gable-end, conservatories date back to the Georgian era of conservatories. While Georgian conservatories are very classical, gable conservatories are a more modern variant, the key difference between the two being their different roofs. Georgian roofs slope towards the centre and then go straight back towards the house whereas gable-ended conservatories match the end of a house this is where they get their name from. Gable-ended conservatories are ideal if you are going for a more classical appearance they are great at capturing heritage and resemble conservatories of times gone by.


Lean-to, or Mediterranean, conservatories are the simplest of conservatory designs. They are styled with simple, clean lines that offer a contemporary look, making them ideal for most modern homes. Lean-to conservatories are made with a square-design and a sloped roof that runs from your house down to the front of your conservatory the slope can be any pitch.

Lean-to conservatories are ideal in the following situations:

  • Bungalow: As the pitch of the roof can be whatever you want it to be, they are perfect for fitting under a low bungalow roof or an area with restricted space.
  • Garden room: Designed to replicate a Mediterranean sunroom, lean-to conservatories are great at capturing winter sun-light and feature plenty of space for plants and features.
  • Greenhouse: The style of a lean-to conservatory comes from greenhouses and as such can function similar to one, especially during summer.


P-shape conservatories are ideal for larger, detached houses. As their name suggests, they are shaped like the letter P this is due to them often being a combination of a lean-to and Victorian designs. The Victorian elements appear in the form of the three or five-faceted main windows, creating the round head of the P, and the lean-to elements come through in the rest of the design. This helps to create a large amount of extra space in your home without sacrificing too much space in your garden.

The unique shape of this type of conservatory allows you to use them in a variety of different ways:

  • Lounge: The straight part of a P-shape is great for a lounge, relaxing in a lovely, sunny room during summer with a nice view of your garden.
  • Dining Room: A conservatory is a great place to spend an evening. Using your conservatory as a dining room is a perfect way to do this and the P-shape offers plenty of space for a table.
  • Play area: The round end of the p-shape is a great open space for children to play in. Due to the design of a P-shape you can combine this with a lounge or dining room and use them both together.

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