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Do you need planning permission for conservatories?

16/04/2014 Cottage conservatory

In the past the issue of planning permission for conservatories has been a very confusing subject, with homeowners unsure whether they would require permission or not.Since the 1st October 2008 conservatories are considered to be a permitted development and on the majority of occasions you won’t nee...

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What are the origins of the orangery?

09/04/2014 Orangeries installation

Originating from the Renaissance gardens of Italy, orangeries are a cross between a greenhouse and a conservatory and became very popular in the grounds of fashionable residences between the 17th and 19th centuries where they became a status symbol for the wealthy.Many orangeries were originally use...

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Design a conservatory that meets all your family’s needs

03/04/2014 Design a conservatory

Traditionally conservatories were rooms attached to your home that were used as a dedicated space to grow plants, with space for socialising often a side thought. Nowadays, as families look to create ever more affordable living space, the distinction between conservatories, garden rooms and sunrooms...

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