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The Benefits of Bi-Folding Doors

24/02/2016 Benefits of Bi Folding Doors

If you want to maximise the amount of space and light provided by your conservatory or orangery, then bi-folding doors are a great option. Bi-folding doors are hinged doors that glide along an aluminium rail and stack to one side leaving a big open elevation.From House to ConservatoryYou can install...

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Energy Ratings Explained

11/02/2016 Energy Ratings Explained

You wouldn’t stand at a window throwing away cash, but if your house has single glazing (or double glazing that was installed before 2002) you might as well be doing that. Heating your home is expensive. If that heat is escaping through poorly insulated windows, you are going to have the radiators...

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Time for a Change: Update Your Windows

11/02/2016 Update Your Windows

Ever since Microsoft became ubiquitous in home computing software, the phrase ‘Updating Windows’ has filled the average user with dread. How slow is my computer going to be after this update? I already have to switch it on 15 minutes before I want to use it… At Conservatories Etc, we want to p...

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The Etymology of the Word 'Conservatory'

04/02/2016 Etymology of the Word Conservatory

At Conservatories Etc, we’re conservatory experts. But what does the word ‘conservatory’ really mean – and what’s the hidden story behind it? We’re taking a look at the etymology of the word ‘conservatory’ to find out.Latin OriginsThe word ‘conservatory’ was first used in English...

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