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Conservatory Interior Design: Create The Atmosphere You Want

28/01/2016 Conservatory Interior Design

Investing in a conservatory is an exciting way of improving your home – you’re essentially adding on a new room! Once it’s built, the fun can really start. When it comes to conservatory interior design, there are countless choices to be made. Create the atmosphere you want and make your conser...

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The European Colour Revolution

14/01/2016 The European Colour Revolution

Our cousins over the Channel have long been more open to variety in their approach to colour. In England, plain white is by far the most popular choice for window frames and sills, but in Europe, there has been a significant shift towards colour. Homeowners are increasingly opting to personalise the...

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6 Ways to Bring Space and Light into Your Conservatory

06/01/2016 Space and Light Conservatory

It may sound metaphysical, but all rooms start out as space and light. Before they are labelled kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, bedrooms, cellars and conservatories and filled with the relevant accoutrements, all rooms are merely enclosed spaces with greater or lesser degrees of natural light. The con...

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