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Three Essential Conservatory Maintenance Tips

29/11/2016 A woman cleaning her windows

Every part of your house needs the occasional once-over and your conservatory is no different. Occasionally completing a few simple chores will enable you and your family to get the most out of your conservatory all year round. Take a look at our three essential maintenance tips for your conservator...

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Create an Exclusive Interior Garden in your Orangery

23/11/2016 An orange tree

Orangeries first became fashionable in the 18th century. They were built in large British country estates so that the Lords and Ladies could grow the exotic citrus fruits they had enjoyed on their tours of Southern Europe. The cold British summer meant that orange and lemon trees would not produce f...

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Day of the Triffids: Growing Succulents in your Conservatory

17/11/2016 A collection of succulents

The carnivorous plants of John Wyndham’s dystopian thriller The Day of the Triffids were 12 feet tall. They could shuffle about on three stumpy limbs and had a vicious whip-like sting that could blind a human. If they existed outside the realm of science fiction, you probably wouldn’t want to gr...

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A Conservatory for All Seasons: 4 Conservatory Layouts

09/11/2016 A conservatory with a small dining table

The contemporary conservatory is not a cluttered space. It’s really a room in which you want to let the natural light and air flow free and unobstructed. Choosing the right furniture to complement the space should be a fun task and you can change the layout with the changing seasons. Autumn: Info...

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Tips for Cleaning your Conservatory - Inside

02/11/2016 Bubbles on a window being scraped off with a window cleaner

Thanks to our modern self-cleaning glass technology, the exterior of your conservatory pretty much cleans itself every time it rains. Every so often, the interior of your conservatory will need some attention. Here are our top tips for cleaning the inside of your conservatory.PreparationsThe interio...

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