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Growing mini trees for your orangery

24/09/2015 Mini trees orangery

Orangeries were so named because their brick and glass structure provides the warmth and shelter necessary to grow citrus trees that would not naturally bear fruit this far North. When the wealthy aristocrats of the 19th Century went on ‘Grand Tours’ around Europe, they came across the orange gr...

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The Beginning Of The Glass Age?

18/09/2015 Glass conservatory

We tend to name the Ages of Mankind after the technologies of the era. Our species has thrived through the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. We are said to be living in the Nuclear Age or perhaps the Information Age. But take a look around you: in centuries to come, when archaeologist...

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Winter Gardens: A Lost Treasure?

11/09/2015 Great Yarmouth winter gardens

The 19th Century was a boomtime for the Great British seaside holiday, the working class finally began to win some rights to fairer pay and the odd day off and the railways had opened up cheap access to some beautiful areas of the coast. The newly affluent seaside towns invested in attractions to co...

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Growing Grapes Over or Under Glass

04/09/2015 Grapes growing in a conservatory

A grape vine can be a bulky time-consuming beast of a plant, but one that provides rich rewards in sweet fruit and home-made wine. A conservatory provides the perfect frame for you to cultivate your vine but bear in mind: some varieties being more disease prone and therefore harder to grow than othe...

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