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Autumn Uses for Orangeries

05/10/2017Exterior of orangery

“Merry it is while summer lasts with birds in song.

But now there threaten windy blasts and tempests strong.”

The endless cycling wheel of the seasons has turned another quarter and autumn has arrived. Modern orangeries and conservatories can be used all year round. Here are some ideas for making the most out of these versatile rooms.


Autumn is a time of migration. Many birds are leaving for sunnier climes while other species are arriving after fleeing the onset of the arctic winter. Offered sufficient encouragement, many will stop in your garden. As more leaves fall, visibility improves. Fill up your feeders as the weather turns chillier and you can expect visits from Fieldfares, Redwings and a number of species of Tits. If you are lucky you may even attract a Great Spotted Woodpecker. You can witness all this activity from the warmth of your orangery.

Halloween Party

The extra space afforded by an orangery or conservatory is great for throwing children’s parties. Halloween parties are always popular. You can decorate the windows of your orangery with fake spiderwebs and hang plastic bats from the roof. Traditional games include Apple Bobbing and identifying what’s in a sealed box using only the sense of touch.

Growing Fruit Trees

The original purpose of orangeries was to grow citrus trees that wouldn’t fruit if planted outside this far north. Aristocratic houses had enormous glass rooms attached to them. The glass allowed the climate to be controlled. Your orangery may be slightly more modest in size. However, if you want to try your hand at growing exotic fruits, you can buy dwarf trees that have been bred for smaller spaces.

Dungeons and Dragons 

Imagine joining a group of companions and going on a quest to slay a dragon or bring back a hoard of golden treasure. Dungeons and Dragons is the roleplaying game that allows you to do exactly that with the aid of some polyhedral dice. If you are tucked away in the orangery, the raucous slaying of a cave troll won’t disturb your wife while she is watching EastEnders.

We hope you’ve found these ideas inspiring. If you think your home could benefit by the addition of a light airy extension, then please get in touch. You can call us on 01953 600505 or call into one of our showrooms in Wymondham or Diss.

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