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Choosing and Planting Grapevines for Your Conservatory

19/01/2018Grapes growing on a grapevine.

There are so many thousands of varieties of grape vine that choosing the right grapevine for your conservatory is not always easy. Some varieties of vine are more suited to indoor conditions than others. Here are some of the varieties of grape vine will grow well. Some for the inside and some on the outside of your conservatory:


  • New York Muscat 
  • Muscat of Alexandria 
  • Chenin Blanc 


  • Pinot Noir 
  • Chardonnay
  • Phoenix 

Planting Your Grapevine 

Indoor varieties of vine can be grown from pots. Outdoor varieties prefer loose free-draining soil. Planting the grapevine is possibly the most important stage if you want to grow fruits from the vines. Here are some of the steps you should follow if you are looking to grow your own grapes:

  • Plant the vines early in the springtime. 
  • Construct a trellis or arbor for the vine to grow up. This will encourage and help with the plants growth and cuts the risk of disease to the plant. 
  • Before planting the grapevine, soak its roots in water for two to three hours.
A conservatory we installed.

Growing Grapes on Top of Your Conservatory

If space is at a premium in your conservatory, then using the outside of your conservatory is a viable option you can use to grow grapes. With the help of a trellis, the hardier varieties of grapevines will be able to grow up and over your conservatory. This is a good idea for the varieties of grapevines that are known to become very large when fully grown, it also means that they will be able to make the most of the sunlight they may rarely get due to the British climate.

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