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Conservatory Design Ideas: Update and Create


Having a conservatory may have been your ultimate dream – You've picked the perfect design and watched everything fall into place, but all you want to do now is sit back and enjoy the new space. However, even the most beautiful conservatory needs a revamp every so often. A conservatory can be one of the most used rooms in the house which results in the interiors enduring a bit of wear and tear. To give your conservatory an update, we have five great ideas to give your dream room a new lease of life.

Five Design Ideas

  1. Floral designs: Before you think about 1970s pink and orange flower wallpaper, contemporary floral trends couldn't be more different. Think of cool metallic hues and a 'less-is-more' approach to floral design. To perfect this trend you need to use different kinds of floral motifs and contrast them together. The great thing about this design is that you can update your conservatory as much or as little as you like by adding floral cushions or even a new wall-paper.
  2. French Chic: If you want to create a 'French' look then it's a good idea to stick to minimal decoration and white-washed natural wood. When you think of French interior design, you imagine Art Nouveau styles, such as curved furniture and simplistic features. Banish any clutter and create a tranquil space for you and your family to enjoy. Natural tones are best in terms of colour scheme such as organic green tones.
  3. Get Green: One of the easiest and most economically-friendly ways to update your conservatory is by introducing some greenery. Everyone knows how much a bouquet of flowers makes a room seem instantly brighter so why not try out some potted plants and indoor shrubs which last much longer and achieve the same effect.
  4. Comfy Cushions: If you like the idea of updating your accessories rather than your entire conservatory then cushions are a perfect way to start. Depending on what you use your conservatory for, many people use this space as a comfortable sanctuary to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is a great excuse to get creative and throw some new pillows into the mix.
  5. Be Eclectic: One of the simplest ways of updating your conservatory is by adding ornaments, sculptures and beautiful framed prints. If you love these types of objects in your home, then you might want to embrace the vintage-look which has been very popular. Take some inspiration from everything that's kitsch, retro and vintage-inspired.

We hope these ideas have provided you with enough inspiration to get your creative side flowing. If you're still deciding on having a conservatory, then speak to us at one of our showrooms in Diss and Wymondham.

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