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Create an Exclusive Interior Garden in your Orangery


Orangeries first became fashionable in the 18th century. They were built in large British country estates so that the Lords and Ladies could grow the exotic citrus fruits they had enjoyed on their tours of Southern Europe. The cold British summer meant that orange and lemon trees would not produce fruit this far North. Climatic conditions inside the new glass-ceilinged orangeries allowed the trees to thrive. The modern orangery may be smaller in scale, but the principle is the same. You can create an exclusive interior garden in your orangery, full of plants that would not survive outside.

An orange tree


Why not put your orangery to its original purpose and grow citrus fruit? Ask the staff at your local garden centre about dwarf varieties of fruit trees. Regular watering and the warm conditions provided by your orangery should provide you with a small crop of delicious and nutritious fruit each year. Try something exotic like a calamondin orange - these little 3cm oranges have a tart flesh and a sweet peel making them ideal for marmalade. 


Your orangery is a great place to grow climbers such as jasmine. Jasmine thrives in a warm sheltered environment, has gorgeous purple or white flowers, smells beautiful and can be trained to grow along your walls and ceiling. As if that weren’t enough, the flowers can be used to flavour green tea for a delicious beverage.

Architectural Evergreens

So-called ‘architectural plants’ are a big feature that will live in your house all year round. Choose evergreens such as yucca,  fan palm and aspidistra. These will supply colour throughout the year and give your orangery an exotic jungle feel.


There are thousands of species of moss and it is estimated that there are thousands more yet to be discovered and named. The mature plants live in colonies that create a soft spongy mat in all shades of yellow, green and orange. Growing and breeding moss has become a popular activity amongst botanists and this sometimes overlooked member of the plant kingdom offers rich rewards for the patient enthusiast.

If you would like to design an exotic indoor garden, but you don’t yet have a conservatory or orangery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 01953 600505 or you can drop by one of our showrooms in Wymondham or Diss.

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