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Create an Outdoor Living Space - Indoors!


Everybody loves the tranquility of the garden. Each time you breathe in, it’s like you can feel the extra oxygen provided by the plants. The only problem is that when winter rolls around the leaves fall from the trees and it becomes too cold to sit outside. There is a way to get the benefits of garden-type tranquility without freezing half to death. You can create an outdoor living space indoors in your conservatory or orangery. Here’s how:

A Conservatory in winter

The Sights of the Outdoors

There are lots of plants that would normally die in the British winter garden that will survive if you bring them into your conservatory. In particular, look after those tender perennials that are susceptible to a hard frost. In a heated conservatory, begonias, fuchsias and orchids will thrive all year round. Even an unheated conservatory will keep the frost away from architectural plants such as banana, tree fern and some species of palm, so bring them in.


The Smells of the Outdoors

With the outdoors, there are some smells you want and some that you don’t. When you are creating an outdoor living space indoors, you can choose the rosebushes and leave the pig farm outside. Jasmin is a scented climber that you can train to grow around the interior of your conservatory. Geraniums and citrus blossoms also make lovely scented additions to your living space.

The Sounds of the Outdoors

If you love the sound of birdsong, there are a large variety of songbirds suitable for keeping as pets in a cage. Canaries are a good breed for the beginner, but if you want birdsong make sure your canary is a male as the female canaries, despite having a syrinx, sadly choose not to sing.

Are you feeling inspired to create an outdoor living space indoors to see you through the gloom of winter? If you are lacking a conservatory in which to create an indoor outdoor living space, speak to our sales team. Call us on 01953 600505 or drop by one of our showrooms in Wymondham or Diss.