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Day of the Triffids: Growing Succulents in your Conservatory


The carnivorous plants of John Wyndham’s dystopian thriller The Day of the Triffids were 12 feet tall. They could shuffle about on three stumpy limbs and had a vicious whip-like sting that could blind a human. If they existed outside the realm of science fiction, you probably wouldn’t want to grow them in your conservatory or orangery. Still, if you like exotic plants, you might want to try your hand at growing succulents. 

A collection of succulents

More Than Just Cacti

Succulents are plants that have fleshy parts that have evolved to store water. Thus, all cacti are succulents, but there are plenty of succulents that bear little relation to their spiky cousins. Aloes are succulents, as are sedums and saxifrages.

Caring for Your Succulents: Light

Succulents are fussy plants, they love light, but don’t like to be exposed to direct sunshine for too long. A conservatory or orangery is therefore the perfect growing environment for succulents. Just don’t leave them right by the window in the height of summer.

Caring for your Succulents: Water

Succulents are the perfect plant for the lazy or forgetful botanist. They don’t need daily watering or hourly misting. When you remember: douse them in loads of water and then leave them to dry out thoroughly. This mimics the desert environments where these plants evolved: there, they might only get a single annual drenching. They flourish in that environment because they can store water.

Caring for your Succulents: Temperature

Some succulents will survive okay outside in the British climate, but others (including popular varieties such as the echavarria) will die if not brought inside for the winter. Happily, your conservatory or orangery will provide the perfect environment for them. If you give them a good water before you bring them in, that will suffice for the whole winter. 

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