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Eden Project: Caring for Tropical Plants in Your Conservatory


If you’ve ever visited the Eden Project in Cornwall, you’ll know how inspiring it is to get lost amongst a multitude of plants from various climate-themed biomes. The Rainforest Biome, which is the world’s largest indoor rainforest, is tall enough to encase the Tower of London and houses plants from the Tropical Islands, Malaysia, Tropical South America and West Africa. As all good gardeners know, plants breathe life into a space. As well as to being good for oxygen levels, the addition of green to a room is believed to have a calming effect. Whether you’d like to create your own mini rainforest biome or just bring a touch of the jungle into your conservatory, we have a few tips for you in this week’s blog.

The Eden Project

Tropical Date

Whilst the climate outdoors is increasingly erratic, modern technologies mean conservatories are a great choice for maintaining the ambient temperature of your indoor space. Do a little bit of research into how tall your preferred plants are likely to grow so you can ensure you have the right range of plants. Choose the steely indigo foliage of the Mexican blue palm (Brahea armata) over the date palm if you want a plant that will grow into its surroundings slowly. 

Solar Plant Power

A glass conservatory roof

In the last couple of months, we introduced customers to our new tile and glass re-roofing service. Homeowners who are keen to grow tropical plants may want to consider an upgrade on their conservatory if they have a polycarbonate roof fitted in the 70s or 80s. Plants like rubber and bamboo will really appreciate the difference made by a modern roof with solar control.

Gardeners World

Consider the amount of direct sunlight your conservatory receives. This may depend on whether it is south or north facing. If your conservatory receives limited sunlight you can still grow your own mini-jungle by choosing tropical ferns. A small indoor water-feature will add the moisture to the air that ferns love. In a warmer conservatory, you could opt for a plant such as a bromeliad. These South American beauties will retain their colourful appearance for several months of the year. 

If you would like your own miniature rainforest biome, come to our showrooms in Wymondham or Diss. You can take a look around our display of conservatory styles and our knowledgeable team will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have.   

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