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8 Features To Consider Before Installing A Conservatory


The decision to install a conservatory in your home is one that should be made with a great deal of care and thought. Creating a conservatory that is made the way that you want it and meets all the needs that you may have is not something that will happen overnight. Whatever the intended use of your conservatory there will be several questions that you need to ask yourself to guarantee your conservatory is a great addition to your home.

In the past there was a clear distinction between a conservatory, orangery, garden room and sunroom, however, recent times have blurred those lines and you can use your conservatory however you see fit. Be sure to consider the following before undertaking any work:

  • Use: The first and most important thing to consider is why you want to build a conservatory. Do you want more space? A place to relax? Or to grow and admire plants? Thinking about why you want your conservatory will have many future implications.
  • Design: The shape and design of your conservatory will be influenced by a number of factors such as how much of your garden space you are prepared to sacrifice and what furniture you want to include. Thinking about these before the work starts will help you decide appropriate dimensions and the impact a conservatory will have on your home.
  • Direction: In the past we have mentioned how the direction that your conservatory faces will affect the amount of light it receives and what seasons they are best suited for. The most popular choices are bright and hot south-facing conservatories for winter and cooler, relaxing north-facing conservatories for summer.
  • Glazing: Glass is the key feature of conservatories, creating a bright a luxurious living space. However, they are also responsible for the extreme heat and cold that people can experience in summer and winter. Choosing solar-controlled glass or low-emissivity glass can help to reduce your problems.
  • Ventilation: To ensure a comfortable atmosphere you will need a well-designed ventilation system. Roof vents and air conditioning are the two main solutions available, both of which can be automatic or manual to suit your needs.
  • Heating: Without the sun a conservatory can get quite cool, especially during winter. Considering your heating options is essential to ensure that you can use your conservatory year-round. Fan-heating is a simple solution but it is also worth considering integrating radiators or underfloor heating.
  • Plants: A common use for a conservatory is to fill it with plants. Not only are they attractive but they also help to restore what is lost when you sacrifice your garden space for a conservatory. Considering the conservatory’s environment is important when deciding what plants to buy.
  • Planning Regulations: This won’t be an issue for most conservatories but make sure your intended conservatory follows outlined conditions for size and height. Check for yourself what the rules are on the planning portal website.

If you are unsure about any design aspect of your conservatory then feel free to contact us on 01953 600505 or drop us an email to We will arrange a visit where we can discuss all the options available to you.

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