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Energy Ratings Explained


You wouldn’t stand at a window throwing away cash, but if your house has single glazing (or double glazing that was installed before 2002) you might as well be doing that. Heating your home is expensive. If that heat is escaping through poorly insulated windows, you are going to have the radiators turned up higher for longer – and that is going to cost.

Well-insulated windows are not just for the ecologically-minded. They are for anybody who cares about how much money they are wasting on heating bills. But how are you supposed to know how energy efficient windows are? Take a look at our quick explanation of energy ratings.

Energy Ratings Explained

The Rainbow Label

If you have bought a boiler or other item of white goods recently, then you are probably familiar with the rainbow label. The colours are ranked from A+ to G and represent how energy efficient a model is: A+ being the most energy efficient and G being the worst. The British Fenestration Ratings Council introduced the same scheme for rating the energy efficiency of windows. This Windows Energy Rating works in exactly the same way, so that you can quickly see how energy efficient any windows you purchase are likely to be.

A-Rated Windows

All of our windows are rated A or above, so you can expect them to provide you with complete protection from the wind and the rain whilst maximising the ‘natural energy’ that we get from the sun. These windows will minimise the formation of interior condensation that can lead to damp and mould problems and they will provide strong insulation, making sure that the heat you are paying for stays inside where it is needed.

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