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5 Green Living Ideas that Will Inspire You to Do Your Bit for the Environment


We all know that climate changes is happening, and we all know the harm it can do – but sometimes it feels like there’s very little we can do to help. However, there are plenty of things you can do that will have a positive impact for the environment. Here are a few green living ideas, so you can help the environment without leaving home.

1. Insulate your loft. This is the big one: up to a quarter of a home’s heat loss will be through the roof if it is uninsulated.

2. Turn the thermostat down a degree. What’s the difference between having your thermostat set at 20°C and a degree lower? Not much in warmth, but it could mean a whopping 10% off your energy bills! 

3. Install windows that have a good rating for energy efficiency. All our windows are rated A or above. A switch from single to double glazing is good for the environment and could save you £180 from your annual energy bill. Now there’s a green living idea that helps us all out!

Green Living Ideas4. Switch to energy saving lightbulbs. They take less power when lighting your home and the modern LED bulbs don’t have the slow warm-up times of the early energy saving bulbs.

5. Check you have cavity wall insulation. Post 1920s properties often have an inner and outer wall but the gap between is often empty. This can be filled to reduce heat loss, meaning you won’t have to heat your home so much.

With these simple green living ideas, you can start being an environmental activist right here in your own home. Don’t forget to spread the word. If your house needs upgrading to your high environmental standards, you can bet that there are others in the neighbourhood that need the same treatment.

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