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5 Tips for Using Your Conservatory as a Playroom


There reaches a point in every parents’ life when they realise that their living room has become a storage space for toys. If you’re fed up of standing on Lego and finding Barbies wedged down the back of your sofa, you need a playroom. Of course, space is at a premium in most British homes, and extensions, even small ones, are expensive. However, a conservatory is cost-effective and could give you that much-needed quality space. Here are our tips for using your conservatory as a playroom.

1. Hardwood floors are smart and easy to clean – a must-have for a playroom that’ll see its fair share of mud, paint, drinks and sticky fingers! If your little ones are still quite little, you might want to put a rug down so the floor isn’t too cold, or have underfloor heating installed.

Conservatory Playroom

2. One of the best things about using your conservatory as a playroom is that it has access to the garden. The kids will want to run in and out, so make sure you have a doormat and a coat stand by the garden door.

3. Being able to effectively control heat and light in your conservatory means you can make the most of it all year round. When you’re using your conservatory as a playroom, this is especially important – you don’t want the kids to get too hot or too cold. We recommend installing an electric conservatory heater and blinds to make it a really versatile, functional space.

4. Conservatories let in so much light – they’re a wonderful space for the kids to grow and play. Store their toys in baskets or boxes to avoid their colour fading in the sunlight.

5. When the kids are younger, you want to be able to keep an eye on them while they’re playing. Bi-folding doors between your conservatory and the next room are the perfect way to make your conservatory feel like a natural part of your home and open up your space. Consider having your conservatory run off from your kitchen so you can watch the kids when you’re cooking. It’s ideal for when they have friends over, too – the parents can catch up without worrying about what their cheeky monkeys have got up to!

If you’re thinking about having a new conservatory installed, or improving the one you’ve got, talk to Conservatories Etc. We can work with you to create a room that works for you and your family, whatever you want to use it for. Call us on 01953 600505 or email to find out more.

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