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Glass Re-Roofing Your Existing Conservatory


Back in February we were thrilled to introduce customers to our new re-roofing service with a focus on tile re-roofing. In this week’s blog, we shine a light on glass re-roofing to refurbish and modernise your existing conservatory roof. Conservatories Etc works closely with our group of trusted manufacturers so that we can bring you a range of high quality re-roofing options. Read on to find out more about some of the practical and aesthetic reasons to consider glass re-roofing this coming spring.

Modern Choice

Glass types available for conservatories

Whilst polycarbonate roofs were great when they were installed from the 1970s onwards, you can now consider an energy efficient upgrade by having a high-performance glass roof fitted by Conservatories Etc. Prevent the build-up of heat during summer months when you select from a range of solar control glass tints, including: clear, blue, aqua and bronze. We use ‘low maintenance glass’ which utilises revolutionary technology to reduce the amount of cleaning required to exposed glass faces.

Here Comes the Sun

Upgrading to a high-performance glass roof from Conservatories Etc is a visually appealing way to bring newfound vibrancy to your existing conservatory. Modern glazing options mean you can make the most of the day by allowing more natural sunlight into your space as well as improving visibility. With solar control, you can manage the entry of light and lessen UV rays.

Best Results

A glass roof conservatory

We work incredibly hard to complete every roof replacement to the same high standard. Re-roofing your conservatory will only take a few days and will cause minimal disruption to your home life. See our website for examples of the transformations we have been able to achieve for our customers.

If you’re interested in gaining a new perspective by glass re-roofing your existing conservatory, then come to our showrooms in Wymondham and Diss. Our experienced sales team will be more than happy to show you around. If you have any questions, feel free to call us on 01953 600505.

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