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Growing Grapes Over or Under Glass


A grape vine can be a bulky time-consuming beast of a plant, but one that provides rich rewards in sweet fruit and home-made wine. A conservatory provides the perfect frame for you to cultivate your vine but bear in mind: some varieties being more disease prone and therefore harder to grow than others.

Here are some grape varieties that prefer free-draining soil and should be planted outside and trained with wire ties to grow along or over your conservatory. All these are fairly disease resistant and if sufficiently pruned (pruning diverts the plant’s resources from making leaves into making fruit) should produce a bumper crop even for the amateur:

  • Pinot noir (red)
  • Boskoop Glory (red)
  • Chardonnay (white)
  • Phoenix (white - great for juicing)

Other grapes grow better in warmer conditions. These vines will thrive if planted in pots in your Conservatory or Orangery. The vines can be tied to wires and strung from the roof for easy picking.

  • New York Muscat (red)
  • Muscat of Alexandria (white)

Growing grapevines in or over your conservatory has advantages beyond the delicious fruit, juices and wines they can produce. The vine leaves can provide shade for other plants that don’t tolerate the direct sunlight so well opening an area of your conservatory to plants you may not normally grow such as Gladiolus, Digitalis and Begonias. As an added bonus, some varieties of grape (especially the indoor Muscats) give a spectacular display of autumn colour in their leaves. 

The perfect season to plant vines is from October to March, so if you want a conservatory or orangery added to your house then you have plenty of time to contact one of our professionals for information. Call us on 01953 600505 or call in to one of our showrooms in Wymondham or Diss.

Grapes growing in a conservatory