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Growing Oranges in Your Orangery

28/06/2018Ripe oranges growing in orangery.

Originally designed to house exotic fruits, orangeries are now more commonly used as additional living space rather than for their original purpose. However, whilst we’re enjoying this glorious summer sunshine, why not try bringing some of the tropics into your home and grow orange trees in your orangery? 

Care Tips for Growing Orange Trees

Reap the fruits of your labour and enjoy fresh, sweet oranges grown at home with our care tips. 

  • The balanced temperatures of an orangery provide an ideal home for orange trees which require a warm, sunny and sheltered position all year round. 
  • Orange trees require frequent watering in summer months, but it’s important you don’t let water stand in the pot. The tree should be watered less in winter months but make sure you don’t let the pot dry out completely.
  • Regularly wipe leaves with a dry cloth to remove dust and let the plant breathe. 
  • Use a citrus plant feed once a week throughout the summer months, to give the tree all the nutrients it would receive in natural conditions. You can use seaweed solution as an organic alternative. 
  • Top up the soil with fresh compost every spring and branches should be pruned to between 10 and 15 cm in February to keep the tree healthy and under control.

Our Orangeries 

Half way between an extension and a conservatory, orangeries are a luxurious addition to any home. We have been building orangeries throughout the county for over a decade now, installing them on a range of different properties. All of our orangeries come with a wide variety of different design options to choose from and our expert team have more than enough experience to create the perfect orangery to suit your home. 

Orangeries are blended with the brickwork of your home fitting seamlessly. You can visit either our Wymondham or Diss showroom for more information about our products and to see working examples of conservatories and orangeries. Our friendly staff will also be on hand to answer any question you may have. 

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