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Heating Options for your Conservatory


Winter still has some bite in it and the early part of spring may bring the promise of some sunshine and a few daffodils, but you are still going to need your overcoat. If you are going to get good use of your conservatory at this time of year, you are going to need a heater. We are frequently asked what heating system we recommend and we always give the same answer: the Sunrise electric conservatory heater from Ducasa.

Ducasa's Sunrise heater for Conservatories

Perfect for Conservatories

The Sunrise heater is designed to be installed on low walls below windows - perfect for your conservatory. The dimensions of the Sunrise heater are 1208 x 280 x 70mm. They are long and low and they only stick out 7cm into the room. 

Radiant Heat

Older electric heaters work by convection - they blast air over a heated element and out into the room. This method is expensive as you are using electricity to heat the element and operate the fan. Sunrise heaters provide radiant heat. Heat emanates from the whole radiator distributing a comfortable warmth to the whole room.

No Expensive Pipework

It is possible to install heaters in your conservatory that are attached to your central heating system, but this will involve expensive pipework extensions. Sunrise heaters plug into your electrical sockets and comply with part L of the building code - the part that deals with the conservation of fuel and power in new and existing buildings.

At Conservatories Etc, we can supply and install your Ducasa Sunrise electric conservatory heater as part of your conservatory build or we can add one to your existing conservatory. If you have any questions about heating your conservatory, call us on 01953 600505.