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Hobbies to Enjoy in your Orangery this Spring


Now that we’ve passed the spring equinox, the hours of daylight exceed the hours of night-time. With all that lovely natural light, your orangery is the perfect place to pursue a hobby. If you are stuck for something to do, here are a few ideas.

A small orangery on a modern home

Plant a Plant Nursery

Orangeries were originally so named because they were used to grow citrus trees. The warmer climate provided under the glass means that you can grow plants that would die outside. In the spring, you can use your orangery as a plant nursery - giving seedlings a healthy head start before planting them out in your garden.

Complete a Jigsaw

You may not have done a jigsaw since you were a child, but ‘childish’ hobbies are making a comeback as adult therapies. Colouring books are so 2015. Break out a 1000-piece jigsaw and allow yourself a calming afternoon (or weekend, if you’re a beginner) to complete it. The natural light in your orangery will provide the perfect environment.

Learn a Musical Instrument

If you are thinking about taking up the French horn from scratch, your family might appreciate it if you practised somewhere away from the house. There are gentler instruments, such as the ukulele or the keyboards, where heading out to the orangery for a practice session might be far enough.

Race Scalextric

If you are going to race model cars with your kids, then you want the track to be as exciting as possible. You want along track. You want bridges. You want tight bends. You want to set it up somewhere where it can stay set up for a while. The orangery is the perfect location - out of the way of the main traffic areas.

We hope that this has given you plenty of ideas. If you don’t already have a conservatory or orangery and the idea of extra space to race Scalextric cars appeals to you, please get in touch. You can call us on 01953 600505 for more information.

How do you use your orangery? Let us know on Twitter.