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5 Hobbies to Try in Your Orangery this Autumn


We never cease to be amazed at the versatility of our orangeries and conservatories. Our customers use them as dining rooms, play rooms, observatories and much, much more. Your orangery is the perfect room for exploring new hobbies. Here are five ideas you might want to have a go at this autumn. 

A blue orangery

1. Growing Dwarf Fruit Trees

Orangeries are called orangeries because the large glass houses erected in the gardens of stately homes provided the perfect climate for growing citrus fruits. Don’t worry if your orangery is on a smaller scale – it’ll do the trick. Your garden centre should be able to source dwarf varieties of most fruit trees. 

2. Birdwatching

Autumn is a great season for birdwatching as winter visitors start to arrive. Many of these are wading birds leaving the frozen lakes of Finland and Russia, but you might attract some to your garden with a bird feeder. Look out for the fieldfare, the redwing and the brambling. 

3. Tabletop Gaming

You may not have played Warhammer or Dungeons and Dragons since you were a nerdy teenager but, with the increasing popularity of all things geeky, these tabletop and fantasy roleplaying games are making a comeback. Invite your mates around to the orangery for a game and you won’t get in the way of the rest of your family watching Strictly Come Dancing in the lounge.

4. Cloudspotting

Cloudspotting became briefly popular ten years ago following the publication of the international bestseller The Cloudspotter’s Guide. Perhaps it’s time for a revival of this relaxing hobby. Autumn in the UK typically brings lots of clouds with it and the glass roof of your orangery means that you can identify cloud types from the comfort of your home. 

5. Jigsaw Puzzling

The one thing you will need if you are going to complete that thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle is a room with good natural light. An orangery is the perfect room for identifying tiny distinctions of shape and colour.

An orangery

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