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Homemade Christmas Decorations Perfect for Conservatories

14/12/2017A home made Christmas snow globe in a jar.

With Christmas just under two weeks away, festive hype has already started to reach boiling point. Shoppers are darting around the city looking for gifts, children are counting down the sleeps before Santa arrives and families are stocking up on supplies for when the scores of relatives visit them. In this blog, we will be talking about how you can decorate your house and conservatory for Christmas with DIY decorations.

Christmas in the Conservatory 

Your conservatory is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas Day this year. If you are having the family over this Christmas, setting up the tree in the conservatory is a good idea. Using your conservatory frees up the space in your living room, which may later be occupied by those napping due to the sheer amount of food and drinks consumed. Conservatories are easy to decorate and can be the perfect place for the kids to open and play with their presents. The extra space provided by a conservatory frees up other rooms of your house, making the Christmas period less hectic and easier to enjoy.

Best DIY Decorations You Should Try 

If you are a traditionalist (i.e. don’t let the Coca-Cola lorry dictate when it is Christmas) you may want to make your own Christmas conservatory decorations. Here are three Christmas decorations you can make quite easily yourself at home:

  • Christmas paper chains – A primary school classic, the humble paperchain is perfect for your conservatory and can be made with your kids. Loop the paper chain around the ceiling of your conservatory when it is finished and decorate it with glitter, Christmas stickers and drawings of Santa and Rudolph. If you need inspiration, have a look at this Pinterest board.
  • Snow globes – Nothing screams Christmas more, than a snow globe filled with fake snow and a little Santa Claus (unless you’re the kind of person who cries at the John Lewis Christmas advert). All they require is an old jam jar, complete with lid, a miniature Christmas character and some ‘snow’ (crushed eggshells are traditional – but glitter also works). Glue your miniature Christmas character onto the inside lid of the jar lid, fill the jar with water and snow (less is more when it comes to the snow) and screw on the lid.
  • Star for the tree – Need the centre piece for your tree? You can make it. All you need to do is cut a star shape out of card, decorate it to your heart’s content and then attach a clothes peg to the back of it. Adding Christmas lights around it at the top of the tree will only help it stand out even more.  

If you need some more decoration inspiration, Pinterest is a hotbed for Christmas décor. 

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