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How Can I Heat my Conservatory?


At Conservatories Etc, one of the things our customers most frequently ask us is what the best way to heat their conservatory is. It’s a common worry when you’re thinking about installing a conservatory, but with recent advances in heating technology, it needn’t be. Electric radiator specialists Ducasa have developed a range of heaters specially designed for conservatories, and we recommend the Sunrise as the go-to electric conservatory heater. Here’s why.

Specially Made for Conservatories

Although many people will only use their conservatory in the warmer months, electric conservatory heaters can give you the feeling of summer all year round. Helping you make the most of your space, the Sunrise electric conservatory heater removes the need for expensive pipework and complies with Part L of the building regulations. Specially built to fit onto 400mm low level conservatory walls, the Sunrise can be mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall.

Electric Conservatory Heater

Radiant Heating

Standard electric heaters provide convection heat, which means the heat emits only from the top of the radiator. However, the Sunrise electric conservatory heater provides radiant heat. Working like the sun, this radiant heat emits from the whole heater, effectively warming the air of your conservatory. This provides a comfortable atmosphere that is particularly beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers. Heating up quickly at the touch of a button, the Sunrise electric conservatory heater is energy efficient, meaning you don’t have to worry about expensive energy bills.

Electric Conservatory Heater

Reliable Comfort

With over 40 years’ experience in electric heating, you can rest assured that Ducasa is a name you can trust. Their electric conservatory heaters, like all of their products, comply with Heating Standard ISO 9000 and Environmental Standard ISO 14001 and undergo rigorous quality control checks. Ducasa developed the Sunrise 20 years ago to keep up with the growing trend for conservatories, and it’s been a best seller ever since. 

At Conservatories Etc, we can supply and install your Sunrise electric conservatory heater. Call us on 01953 600505 to find out more about our solutions to conservatory heating, and how we can help you.