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How Much Maintenance Does a Modern Conservatory Actually Need?

07/02/2018A well maintained conservatory.

Many homeowners are unsure how much maintenance – if any – their new conservatory requires. Fortunately, most conservatories that are installed today are of a high quality and require only a little maintenance every now and then. In this blog, we will be talking about what you will have to do to keep your conservatory as good as new in the coming years. 

The Essentials 

When it comes to maintaining your conservatory, there are a few essentials you will have to keep on top of to make sure your conservatory is in perfect condition:

  • Clear the gutters – Clearing the gutters of your conservatory is especially important in autumn and winter when a buildup of leaves can block drainpipes and the damp environment can encourage the growth of moss and lichen in your conservatory’s gutter.
  • Clean windows – Too much dirt and dust on your conservatory’s windows can damage them. It is important you pay attention to the glass roof of the conservatory too. When you choose a conservatory from Conservatories Etc, you have the option of low-maintenance glass that uses rain and natural light to combat accumulations of dirt and glass.
  • Locks and Hinges – Make sure that all the locks and hinges on all your doors and windows are properly lubricated to ensure a long life. 
An oiled conservatory window.

Maintaining Your Conservatory 

Maintaining the areas we’ve identified is pretty simple. Just follow these directions to keep your conservatory in the best condition:

  • Clearing gutters – Ideally, you should aim to clean your gutters once a year, or twice if you overhanging trees. Using an extendable ladder, scrape moss, leaves and other detritus out of the gutter and then flush the gutters out. You will also be able to identify any leaks by flushing the gutters.
  • Cleaning windows – Unless you have chosen our low maintenance self-cleaning glass, hosing then wiping down the windows of your conservatories is a task that must be done every few months. Soapy water will do, just make sure you avoid streaks and smears. Never use a pressure washer on the windows or attempt to climb on the roof of your conservatory.
  • Locks and Hinges – All locks and hinges will benefit from the occasional squirt of WD40, which will also stop annoying creaks developing.

Our Conservatories 

We have been in the conservatory industry for over a decade now. We have a wide range of conservatory products that are perfect for every home and lifestyle. These different conservatories come with a variety of different design options, including low maintenance glass which is perfect for those of you who hate cleaning windows. If you are interested in our conservatories you might want to check out our special offer.

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