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Simple Tips On Cleaning Your Conservatory Roof


Seeing as it's the summer months, this is the perfect opportunity to finally clean your conservatory roof. It may have been bugging you for months now, but the sunshine is here now, so there is no time like the present!

What Products Will I Need?

To clean your conservatory roof, you will need a few items – a sturdy and reliable ladder, an extendable cleaning brush or a power washer, a dry cloth or a squeegee attachment, and a cleaning product which is safe to use on your roofing.

Once you have everything you need, follow these simple steps to getting back the fresh and clean conservatory you once loved:

  • Once you have placed the ladder on an even ground, it would be best to ask for a friend or family member to support the ladder for you.
  • When you're at a comfortable position to reach the roof with your cleaning products, sweep any unwanted debris, such as twigs and leave off the roof and then hose it down with either the power washer or brush.
  • Loosen any residue or dirt by going backwards and forwards with your chosen cleaning product until all the marks and stains have gone.
  • To ensure the windows are sparkling clean, wipe down the area with a cloth or squeegee which you can attach to an extendable brush.
  • Once you are happy with your hard work, safely come down the ladder and inspect in your work from ground level.
  • Your conservatory roof should now be looking as good as new! We hope these simple tips have helped and you can now relax in the comfort of your conservatory, while looking up at the stars.

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