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How to Clean Your Conservatory: The Dos and Don’ts


A well-installed conservatory can be enjoyed all year round, but summer is when they really come into their own. One of the best things about conservatories is how little maintenance they need to look great, but when you’re entertaining you’ll want yours to look its best. Get yours looking spick and span in time for the warmer weather with our top tips for how to clean your conservatory.

DON’T use a power washer.

Power washers are an efficient way of cleaning, but the force might be too much for your conservatory and could dislodge its panels. A telescopic window cleaner is a safer option.

DON’T climb onto your conservatory roof.

Glass can be strong, but your conservatory roof is not designed to bear any weight. Use a ladder placed on even ground to reach your conservatory roof and brush off any debris, then climb down and use your telescopic cleaner.

How to Clean Your Conservatory

DO use a safe cleaning product.

Choose a specialist conservatory cleaning product from a reputable brand. Other cleaning products that have not been designed with conservatories in mind may be less effective or even damage your conservatory windows. Always read the instructions – your product may need to be diluted with water.

DO clean the gutters.

The gutters of your conservatory, just like the gutters of your home, can become cluttered with debris such as leaves and moss. Don’t forget to give yours a good clean-out when you’re up on the ladder.

DO clean the inside of your conservatory windows.

The inside of your conservatory needs some TLC as well. Use a window cleaner and microfiber cloth, a sponge and hot soapy water, or simply vinegar, to get your conservatory’s windows looking great inside and out!

New advances in technology are making it easier than ever to keep your conservatory in top condition. At Conservatories Etc, we can fit your conservatory with low maintenance glass – glass with a special coating that uses rain and sunlight to prevent dirt and grime forming on your windows. Low maintenance glass significantly reduces the amount of manual cleaning your conservatory needs, giving you more time to enjoy your conservatory and lower window cleaning bills. Install low maintenance on your whole conservatory or just on those hard to reach areas to make life easier.

Do you have any tips on how to clean your conservatory? Share them with us on Twitter at @ConservatoryEtc and we’ll share our favourites!