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How to Grow Air Plants in Your Conservatory


Houseplants can be messy. They need soil, they need watering, they drop leaves all over the floor and sometimes they put out unexpectedly long sprouting stalks. They are also beautiful and calming and clean the air that you breathe. If you love plants, but hate having buckets of damp compost in your home, there is a compromise. Air plants are a species of plant that get everything they need from the air, and they will grow well in the warm, sunny environment of your conservatory.

An air plant set in stones

The Origins of Air Plants

‘Air plant’ is the common name for any of the 600 or so species of the genus Tillandsia. These plants are evergreen and flower perennially. Native to the Americas, many of these plants are aerophytes; they have evolved to be rootless and to receive all their nutrients from the air.  

Caring for your Air Plant

Air plants require a lot less attention than regular houseplants. They are pretty hardy and hard to kill, but if you want them to flourish then you should follow these simple instructions:

1.  Upon arrival (especially if through mail order, but this is good practice even if you     got them from a garden centre) dunk the whole plant in water and shake dry.

2.  Choose a place for your air plant that offers a mixture of sunlight and shade during the day. Here in the UK, a conservatory is the perfect place, especially as many species prefer cooler night-time temperatures in the summer. 

3.  Once a week give your air plant a light misting with a spray bottle of water mixed with a few drops of orchid feed.

It’s as simple as that. Following these three steps will leave encourage your air plant to produce the exotic tubular flowers that make them so attractive. However, they won’t die if you forget the odd weekly misting. Air plants make the perfect houseplants for the not-so greenfingered. 

An orangery

If you fancy growing air plants and would like a conservatory or orangery to house them in, get in touch. You can talk to one of our sales team by calling us on 01953 600505 or drop by one of our showrooms in Wymondham or Diss.

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