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How to Make the Most of Your Conservatory, Whatever Direction It’s Facing


When you’re considering having a conservatory installed, you probably have a good idea of where you’d like it to be and what you want to use it for. At Conservatories Etc, we listen to you and offer our expert advice based on your wants and needs. One of the most important things we give our customers advice on is how to make your conservatory into a useable space all year round. The direction your conservatory will be facing has a big impact on the amount of light and heat that enter the room at different times of the day and year. Luckily, we’re on hand with solutions for every conservatory.

North-Facing Conservatory

In the summer months, a north-facing conservatory is a great space to use in the morning, and as the day warms up it won’t overheat. However, as it won’t receive much direct sunlight in the afternoon, it could be a little chilly in winter. Install an electric conservatory heater and Low E glass, which has a microscopic metal coating that reflects heat back into the room, to ensure you can use your north-facing conservatory all year round.

South-Facing Conservatory

Overheating can be a problem for south-facing conservatories in summer, as they receive a lot of direct sunlight. Ventilation is important – consider French or bi-folding doors so you can increase the room’s airflow when you need to cool down. Solar control glass on your conservatory roof, which reflects some of the sun’s heat back outside, can also make a south-facing conservatory a more comfortable space. At Conservatories Etc, we can fit your conservatory with solar control glass in clear, blue, aqua and bronze tints which allow the glass to absorb more heat. You might also want to consider conservatory roof blinds or an awning.

South Facing Conservatory

East-Facing Conservatory

Soaking up the early morning sun, an east-facing conservatory is the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast. Counter cold easterly winds with double glazing and Low E glass for maximum insulation, and install an electric conservatory heater so you can still enjoy your conservatory later in the day when the sun has moved over to the west.

West-Facing Conservatory

A west-facing conservatory will get all that glorious evening sunshine, ideal for putting your feet up and enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day. It may be a little cold in the morning while the sun is still in the east, so install an electric conservatory heater for maximum comfort and flexibility. French doors or bi-folding doors are a great idea for making the most of those warm summer evenings, giving you the benefit of a cool breeze.

North Facing Conservatory

When you have your conservatory built with Conservatories Etc, the designer who visits your home will be able to advise you in detail what kind of conservatory will suit your property and which design options will help you make the most of it all year round. Call us on 01953 600505 to find out more.

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