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Interior Design Trends of 2017


In your conservatory, a room composed largely of windows, your focus will naturally be on what is outside, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore its interior decoration. Let’s take a look at the emerging interior design trends of 2017 and see how you could apply them to your conservatory.

A small conservatory

Light and Pale

Heading up our list of interior design trends is the colour scheme that looks set to dominate 2017.  Greys and creams and pastel shades will be adorning the walls and cushions covers in fashionable homes. Light walls and pale woods look great in a conservatory, where the abundance of natural light makes a room feel summery all year round.


This simple orange clay is not just for used to create flower pots and armies of Chinese warriors, it can also be baked into a matt finish tile that looks great on a conservatory floor.

A Touch of Sparkle

Jewel tones and tiny pieces of reflective glass included in frames and borders will be bringing some sparkle into 2017. Your conservatory is the room in your house that gets the most natural light, adding a touch of sparkle will nicely emphasise this.

Say Goodbye to Marble and Copper

Marble and copper - those two stalwarts of ancient craftsmanship - have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, but we have reached saturation point. Marble effects and imitation copper are on the way out.

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