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Keep Your Conservatory Cool When Summer Arrives

25/01/2018A conservatory we installed in summer

Although it may not feel like it, summer isn’t actually that far away. There’s only 148 days and counting until the summer solstice on the 21st June. Although keeping your conservatory cool is not a priority for you now, when the summer months (and hopefully the warmer temperatures) arrive, keeping the heat at bay will become a priority. In this blog, we will be talking about some of the ways you can keep your conservatory cool when the summer season arrives. 

The Best Tools for the Job 

When it comes to keeping your conservatory cool on a hot summer’s day, there are many different options you can choose from. Here though are some of the best products you should consider: 

  • Fans – An obvious choice, the humble fan is probably the best option for regulating the temperatures in your conservatory. With their rotating heads, fans are the perfect choice for conservatories where temperatures can become stifling. There is a range on the market, varying from tower models to models on stands.
  • Air conditioning – Adored by our neighbours across the big pond, air conditioning units are guaranteed to bring the temperature back down to a more bearable one in your conservatory. Although they are usually more expensive than fans, they are one way you can guarantee a cool conservatory
  • Blinds – Blinds are the best way to keep out of the sun and you can get them fitted to your conservatory. They come in many different styles, making choosing the right ones for your conservatory trickier but try to choose some that fit the design of your room.
  • Other gadgets – If the other gadgets on this list aren’t enough to keep you cool in the summer temperatures, there are a variety of other products you can choose from to keep the heat at bay. We particularly love the wristbands!

A Better Conservatory for A Better Summer

Modern conservatories won’t be too hot even if the summer is. If you own an older conservatory – it can act like a greenhouse. If your conservatory was constructed in the 70s – you’ll be impressed by how the technology of glass has moved on and you might be tempted by an upgrade! Here at Conservatories Etc, we have been installing conservatories for over 10 years and have seen how a conservatory can improve a house. Conservatories become the perfect link to your garden and this will be especially useful in the warmer months. 

Our Special Offer 

We have teamed up with award winning conservatory manufacturers, Synseal to create a fantastic offer on one of our 3 x 3m Edwardian style conservatory. The offer slashes £1000 off the original price of the conservatory.  

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