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Live the Good Life with our Special Offer on Edwardian Conservatories


The Edwardian era (1901 - 1910) was an era that celebrated the good life. Britain still had an Empire and this was the source of a huge amount of wealth. The Edwardian upper classes that are lampooned in the novels of PG Wodehouse lived luxuriant lifestyles and, increasingly, so did the newly emergent middle class. Meat formed a more regular part of the nation’s diet - and alcohol consumption crept up - as people bade farewell to stricter Victorian mores and embraced the Twentieth Century. The Edwardians also redesigned the conservatory.

The Victorian Predecessor 

A brown Victorian Conservatory attached to a brick home

The Victorians liked their conservatories multi-sided. Common room shapes included the hexagon or even octagon. Stand-alone glass houses for growing plants were often this shape and the Victorians main innovation was to attach a glass house to the side of the house. They continued to be used primarily for plants.

The Edwardian Innovation

The Edwardians wanted their conservatories to serve a more practical purpose and be a usable room. Furniture fits better in a more conventional shape, so Edwardian conservatories tended to be square or rectangular. The conservatory became less of a plant nursery and more of a room for entertaining guests: out with the cacti and in with the cocktail cabinet.

Our Edwardian Conservatory Offer

Conservatories Etc Edwardian offer of an Edwardian Conservatory installation for £6995, with an image of a white Edwardian Conservatory

Together with Conservatory manufacturer Synseal, we’ve got an amazing offer to supply and install a 10x10ft Edwardian style conservatory for just £6,995 - that’s a saving of £1000 on our normal price! Here’s what’s included in the deal:

  • High quality Edwardian conservatory from Synseal in white uPVC
  • A-rated energy saving windows
  • 35mm polycarbonate roof
  • All building work including fully insulated concrete base and dwarf walls
  • Internal window sills
  • All labour

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