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Our Different Solar Control Glass Options


When it comes to choosing your conservatory, there are lots of different style choices you must decide between. Choosing the actual style of the conservatory, the colour of its frame and of course the style of glass you want are three important things you’ll have to decide on before you can even think of decorating your conservatory. In this blog, we will be talking about the different glass tints options available to you for your conservatory.

What Are the Options Available?

Here are the four different coloured glass tints available for your conservatory:

  • Clear – Choosing the clear glass option will provide you with a neutral appearance and provides a nice balance with the rest of your home’s existing glass. Clear glass will allow you to enjoy the sun’s rays, while altering the appearance of its light and making the sun’s rays more bearable.
  • Blue – Choosing the blue option will still allow you to create a light and airy conservatory, however the blue tint will alter the light and the sun’s glare, making the sun more bearable for the eyes. The blue tint will provide a cool and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a conservatory space.
  • Aqua – The aqua tint is perfect for creating a calm atmosphere in your conservatory. The light aqua green shade is great at reducing the heat from the sun and it also reduces the glare from the sun significantly. 
  • Bronze – The bronze tint perfectly complements the wooden effects available for your conservatory’s frame. On top of this, it is great at reducing the sun’s glare, while keeping the conservatory feeling warm. The bronze shade helps to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for your conservatory. 
The different conservatory tints.

Other Glass Options 

We also supply low maintenance glass, which is perfect for those of you who don’t enjoy cleaning windows. This glass cleans itself with the help of rain, making it a very good choice for conservatories in the UK, where we get more than our fair share of rain. Low maintenance glass will allow you to enjoy your conservatory without having to worry about dirt and grime affecting its appearance.

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