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Our Warm Roof Reroofing Service

02/11/2017A conservatory with one of our warm roofs

The 1970s was a decade famous for its football, fashion and music. The 70s also saw an increase in demand for conservatories across the UK. The quality of these conservatories varied somewhat. Some of these single-glazed extensions were unusable during parts of the year. Others did not match the architecture of the adjoining property. Happily, things have come a long way since then! Our modern conservatories function much better as insulators against winter cold and summer heat and we have designs to complement a range of architectures. We also have the capability to upgrade conservatory roofs.

Reasons to Replace Old Roofs

Older conservatories were often built with glass roofs that were not double-glazed or energy efficient. If your house boasts an older conservatory, then it is a good idea to improve the roof. Not only will you save money on heating bills, it may also increase the value of your house. An older style roof will affect the U-value of your property, so it is always a good idea to upgrade your roof. On top of improving its energy efficiency, a new roof will also modernise your whole conservatory.

Our Replacement Roofs

Here at Conservatories Etc, we stock two styles of warm roof that can transform your conservatory. Both styles are suitable for all types of conservatory and also meet all relevant thermal and structural standards. Here are some facts you should know about the roofs:

A conservatory after having one of our warm roofs installed.

Guardian Warm Roofs

  • Different materials – The Guardian warm roof range comes in two different materials, either a roof slate or shingle.
  • Variety of colours – Both of the two-different roof material come in five different colours you can choose from.
  • Soundproofing and insulation – Guardian roofs are both fully sound proofed and insulated. This Means you will not have to experience extreme temperatures or the noise from rain.
  • Weight – Although you may not think it, the Guardian roof actually weighs around the same as a glass roof.
  • Building process – When installing your warm roof, we will employ our four-step building process. This process makes the installation as fast and efficient as possible.

Glass Warm Roof

  • Natural light – As they are fully made of glass, these roofs will flood your conservatory with natural light. Glass is much more energy efficient than traditional polycarbonate and we can supply cutting-edge solar control and low maintenance solutions.
  • Range of tints – The glass roof comes with four different tints you can choose from. These different tints will alter the light in your conservatory in different way. 
  • Energy efficiency – Our glass roofs are double glazed, giving you the best possible energy efficiency.

Removing Your Old Conservatory Roof

Before your new roof can be installed, your existing roof will need to be removed. This task sounds bigger than it actually is. After a decade in the industry, our team have seen it all when it comes to conservatories, meaning that this process will take no time at all. They have got it down to a fine art when it comes to roof removal.

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