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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing the Perfect Conservatory


If you have already decided that a conservatory would be the perfect addition to your home, then the next step is to design it. A great design means your conservatory works for your home and your lifestyle. A design that hasn’t been properly thought through could cause problems later on. These are the questions that you need to ask yourself when you’re designing your conservatory. 

Glass conservatory

1. What will I use my conservatory for? 

 Consider how your extra room will be used. You might want to use the extra space as a playroom, or to extend your living room. Perhaps you want to grow plants, or just sit and relax with a book. How you will use your conservatory is the most important factor to consider in its design.


2. What direction do I want my conservatory to face? 

The size of your house and direction of your garden may dictate this, but it is worth considering which direction your conservatory will face if you have the choice. East for morning sun if you are an early riser. West for evening sun when you get home from work. South to get the sun all day. Don’t rule out north, especially if you are greenfingered – some plants don’t like the hotter air you get from overexposure to the summer sun.


3. How will I heat my conservatory? 

 There are lots of ways to heat your conservatory, but we recommend installing an electric conservatory heater. If you want to grow tropical plants, then you will need something more substantial, as you’ll have to ensure that the room stays warm and humid even in winter. 

4. What flooring should I have in my conservatory? 

This depends on how you intend to use your conservatory. You might want to carpet a relaxing living space, but a nursery for plants needs a floor more resistant to the inevitable soil and water it’ll encounter. 

5. Will my conservatory be in keeping with the look of my property? 

At Conservatories Etc, we believe in simple, straight and elegant conservatories. We can build you a conservatory in a range of attractive and practical styles, and in a range of colours. Take a look at our guide to the different styles of conservatory to find out more. 

If you’d like a friendly local team to help you design and install your conservatory, please call us on 01953 600505 to find out more and get a quote. 

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