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Spring Cleaning in Your Conservatory

04/04/2018Person cleaning their conservatory for summer.

The days are starting to last longer, Christmas seems like a lifetime ago and the spring flowers are starting to bloom – meaning one thing: it’s time to spring clean your house (including your conservatory)! With the summer months now just around the corner, now is the time to get your conservatory in shape for the warm weather. 

Windows and Roof 

Cleaning your conservatory’s windows and roof is a time-consuming but rewarding job. Dirt and dust can damage windows – so wipe them clean, inside and out, with soap and warm water. You should gain access to your conservatory roof’s exterior via a ladder balanced securely on a flat surface, without leaning or clambering on the roof itself. Of course, if you got your conservatory from us, you may have chosen low-maintenance glass – in which case the exterior of your conservatory will clean itself each time it rains!


Clearing the gutters of your conservatory is one way you should prepare it for spring. The build up of gunk and grime in gutters can pose serious problems to a conservatory. Clearing gutters is a dirty but fairly easy task. Use the ladder again after finding some suitable gloves, and simply pick the waste from out of the gutter and dispose of it.


Due to the amount of sunlight streaming in, it quickly becomes obvious if you haven’t kept up with your dusting! Dust can be removed easily with a damp cloth to wipe over sills and surfaces and a feather duster for those harder to reach areas. 

Our Conservatories 

We have been in the conservatory industry for over a decade now. We are highly experienced within the industry and we have a wide range of conservatory products available. We know first hand the benefits that a conservatory will add to your home, and with summer coming up creating your own space which is a link between your home and garden is something you might want to do for yourself. 

We also have a variety of orangeries available which are like a hybrid between a conservatory and an extension and give you the best of both those worlds. Orangeries provide you the light associated with conservatories but have the solid structure of a brick extension.

Interested in having your own conservatory or orangery installed before summer? We can help, call us on 01953 600505 or email us on

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