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The Best Glazing for a South Facing Conservatory

19/04/2018A conservatory with our solar control glass.

The weather we are currently enjoying in Norfolk has got us thinking about summer. Conservatories suffering in the warmer weather is a common misconception. There are many ways to reduce the more severe effects of the summer sunlight in your conservatory and we will be talking about some glazing options that prevent a modern conservatory from becoming a greenhouse in the summer.

South-Facing Conservatory

Modern conservatories come with better glazing than the older conservatories that were installed in the 1970s and 80s. Modern conservatories come equipped with glass that reduces the harshness of sunlight. Due to the fact that they are in the sun throughout the whole day, south-facing conservatories are particularly likely to be exposed to high levels of light. Thankfully, we have a variety of different solar glass options available which will reduce both the heat in your conservatory but also reduce the glare of the sunlight.

Our range of different solar control tints.

Our Solar Glass Options

Here are our solar control glass options:

  • Clear tint – The clear glass option will give your conservatory a neutral appearance and is likely to match the appearance of the glass on the rest of your home. Clear glass will allow you to enjoy the sunlight, while reflecting much of the heat and making it more bearable.
  • Blue tint – The blue tint provides a light and airy feel in your conservatory which will make the sun more bearable for the eyes. It provides a cool and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a good book.
  • Aqua tint – The Aqua tint is a light shade, which is fairly similar to the blue tint. It will provide you with a calm atmosphere in your conservatory and it is very effective at reducing the levels of heat – promoting calm and peacefulness.
  • Bronze tint – Our bronze tint is particularly suited to a conservatory with a wooden effect frame. Again, it’s great at reducing glare from the sun but keeps your conservatory feeling warm. 

Low Emissivity Glass

Low-e glass will protect your home from UV rays, limiting the amount that come into your home. These rays can damage your skin, furniture and carpets. Low emissivity glass is also extremely energy efficient, saving you money and keeping your conservatory suitable for use all year round. 

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